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And then there were three....

When I think about why I got into this profession I remember that it is because I wanted (and still do) to capture authentic memories for families at every stage of their lives. While on this shoot this sweet mama told me she was going in for surgery in the morning. I asked if she minded telling me more...."Oh, it's open heart surgery. I had some complications with my pregnancy." So, I over-delivered and got her 20 sneak peeks that same night, so she could see them before her surgery in the morning. This is why our work as photographers is so important. It may be more than just a pretty image for a living room wall. It may be far more than that- a touchstone during hard times, a memory to draw from in moments of fear. This daddy currently serves in the military and lives half a country away from his family. You never know what the story is behind the families you shoot unless you ask. Yes, the art is important, but the refuge in them may be miraculous.