Hansel Family & Lutomski Grandparents

When you photograph family there is a level of comfort and joy that goes beyond a regular session. This family means so very much to me. When Mike and I were (babies) just finishing up school and looking for a new city to call home, we ventured off to Indianapolis. We rented an apartment off of 31 and 38th Street. We didn't know the city and I had never met Mike's family who lived about 15 minutes from us at the time. This was 2004. I remember distinctly, the fear in my gut as we went to dinner at their house for the first time. I was so nervous, as Mike had told me his cousins were all cheerleaders, and you know, stigma. But what happened was instead of feeling like an outsider, this family wrapped us up and took us in. I felt like I was coming home, every time we were together. I love this family more than I can say, and documenting them together was pure joy for me. xoxo