What to Wear to Your Senior Portrait Session

Figuring out what to wear to your senior session can be a bit tricky. Here are a few suggestions to help guide the process for you! Remember, this is suppose to be fun and a "snapshot" of who you are during this chapter of your life so try to relax and enjoy this special time!

To start, try to pick at least two outfits- one that is casual and one that is a little more dressy. Think about what you wear when you feel your best when going out on a casual outing. Jeans are always a classic choice and can be styled uniquely depending on your top, shoes, & accessories! Dresses can be flowy and long or short and cute. When deciding what outfit to wear think about how it flows. Can you spin and "swish around" nicely? Will you be able to sit down easily or hold your hands above your head? All of these things effect the types of images we can capture together!

While we want to make sure your unique style is captured it is also nice to try and capture some "timeless" shots. This means, choosing outfits that have neutral tones that will stand the test of time. Neon fanny packs may be a fun accessory for an urban shoot, but also please pack some neutral tones so that we can get a great image for your family's future photo albums!

You are always welcome to reach out to me directly with questions on what to wear!

Don't forget if you are an athlete, musician, or artist I would love to help you commemorate those moments as well!

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