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Thank you for taking the time to review my website. My name is Sarah Lutomski, a Washington, DC native by blood, but Hoosier by heart. For over a decade I have called Indy home. I have an undergraduate degree in English from Earlham College and M.A. in American History from ISU. It was during my time studying that I fell in love with the large skies and kind people of the heartland.


While having an artistic eye can help you develop a love of photography, it takes discipline and time to create inspired, authentic art.  Because my college work was focused in the liberal arts I have attended countless seminars and devoted hundreds of hours to excel at my craft.


As Annie Leibovtiz so poignantly said, "A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." And this is the heart of it for me. I love watching the families that I am photographing interact. I love seeing the love between children and their parents, between spouses and between siblings. My goal for your session with me is to be memorable and fun. Ask my clients and they will tell you, I will gladly offer piggyback rides to little kids, bring extra baby wipes and tell terrible jokes in an effort to make you relax. Capturing true connection in light, freezing time for my families, brings me joy.

Rachael C.

"Sarah is such a joy to work with as a family photographer. She is genuinely interested in capturing the relationship of your family as a whole as well as the interfamily dynamics of spouses, siblings, and parent-child relationships. Her casual way of communicating during your shoot immediately engages everyone involved (even excites my school-aged children about the time we have together!) Her warm smile is encouraging to the littlest of subjects and her humor and off-the-cuff observations have had my husband laughing at them the next day even. "

Justin S.

"We've had the awesome opportunity to work with Sarah for our last few Family Portrait shoots and I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. In addition to being an amazingly skilled photographer she's also an all around nice person and a lot of fun to work with. I'm constantly amazed at the quality of the photos we get from her and she works so great with our two boys (who can certainly be a challenge when it comes to getting their attention). She's our go to Family photographer and we look forward to working with her every time.""

Rachel V.

“Sarah has a true talent and eye for photography. I’ve always loved her style, perfection, and quality of her photos. I was blown away by our session and how much fun our family had together! My only regret is not meeting Sarah and booking our sessions sooner. Thank you for capturing these precious memories and stages of my children. As a mom, it’s one of the greatest gifts and keepsakes!"     
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